Interviewing for Jobs During the Pandemic

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Interviewing for Jobs During the Pandemic

Most of us have heard of the soaring unemployment rates over the past few months. If you haven’t been directly affected by unemployment, chances are, you have a spouse, friend, or family member that has lost their job or had their hours significantly reduced due to the pandemic.

Employment has taken on a new light in 2020, and the world is feeling a sense of renewed appreciation for having a steady job and a regular income. As we are working through the crisis, it is important that we take every opportunity to secure our finances and wellbeing.

If you are one of the unfortunate ones who have found it necessary to find a new job in recent weeks, you may be feeling an unprecedented amount of pressure when it comes to seeking out new opportunities. As you find yourself receiving interview invitations, there is a good chance you are feeling extra pressure to perform well on the interview.

Interviews are important for finding the right fit for both employers and employees. They are a great opportunity for potential employers to meet applicants (whether it is in-person or through a virtual session), and it also gives the applicant a chance to get a feel for the company’s values and staff. Unfortunately, this situation can also put an enormous amount of pressure on applicants.

Instead of buckling under stress, consider some of these tips for having an interview that leaves you feeling confident and hopeful.

Choose the Right Clothes

Take a look at your closet and revisit your interview clothes. In fact, confirm that you still have interview clothes. Is there an outfit that makes you feel especially comfortable, yet is also professional and in good condition? If not, invest in some suitable interview clothes. Now is not the time to spend huge sums on clothing, but consider your outfit an investment in your career. The right outfit can also be used as part of your office wardrobe as well, so consider choosing one that you can incorporate into your normal work attire as well.

Slow Down

A common sign of nervousness is talking quickly. This habit is a dead giveaway that you are not feeling confident. Take a few minutes and practice speaking slowly. Take a deep breath and get a feel for your normal speaking rate.

During interviews, be aware of when you shift into rapid speech. As you slow your speech, your body will begin to relax as your return to your normal speech patterns.

Be Okay with (a little) Silence

Interviews are by nature awkward. Two or more people who have never met are stuck in a room while one side fires away questions. There will be a few moments of silence while you are thinking of responses and while the interviewer is even thinking of questions. Often, the interviewer writes down notes, so there will be moments of silence as they jot down some of their thoughts.

Don’t fall for the mistake of trying to fill in these moments with pointless chatter. While you, of course, don’t want to sit in silence for long periods of time, you also don’t want to find yourself rambling on about matters not important to the interview. Or worse, you don’t want to accidentally slip into a vent session about everything you didn’t like about your previous job.

The most important part of the interview is preparing for it. Spending some time thinking over potential responses and reviewing your previous job duties can help you get through it seamlessly

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