5 Misconceptions About Coronavirus

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5 Misconceptions About Coronavirus

Since the emergence of COVID -19, people have been circulating information about the virus. Sadly, most of this information is false and has been misleading a lot of people. In this article, we will help you clarify some of the wrong information about coronavirus to keep you and your family healthy and safe. 

#1. A Vaccine to Cure COVID-19 is Available

It’s false, the vaccine to cure coronavirus has not been discovered as at the time of writing this article. However, scientists are working tirelessly to come up with a reliable vaccine. It may take some months to discover it. Don’t forget that developing a vaccine that’s reliable and safe for human beings may take some time. 

#2. You Can Protect Yourself from COVID-19 by Swallowing or Gargling with Bleach, Taking Acetic or Using Saltwater

This is another dangerous misconception people spread about coronavirus. There’s no way swallowing or gargling with bleach, taking acetic acid, ethanol, or other substances can protect you from having coronavirus. Trust me, some of these practices may be seriously dangerous to your health. 

The best way to protect yourself from the COVID-19 and other viruses is to wash your hands with soap and hot water frequently. Also, avoid close contact with people who are sick, coughing, and sneeze. 

#3. The COVID-19 Was Deliberately Created or Released on People 

Let’s get this right; there’s no iota of truth in this statement. It’s complete misinformation. Ordinarily, viruses can change over time; this doesn’t mean it was deliberately released on people. 

Disease outbreak usually happens when a virus common in animals is transferred to humans. Perhaps, that’s how the new coronavirus came into existence. 

#4. Ordering or Buying Products Shipped from China Will Expose You to The Risk of Having Coronavirus

Different research has been conducted on the COVID-19 with a view of understanding how it infects people. According to scientists, most viruses like the COVID-19 can’t stay alive on a surface for long.

 So, it’s implausible to get coronavirus from a package that spent days or weeks in transit. You tend to have the virus by droplets from an infected person’s sneeze or cough. However, more information on how this dreaded virus is transmitted is emerging every day. 

#5. Wearing a Face Mask Will Protect You from COVID-19

Wearing a lightweight disposable surgical mask can’t protect you from coronavirus. However, a tight-fitting respirator like N95(not disposable surgical mask) can protect you when you are around infected people. 

The reasons why surgical masks can’t protect you from coronavirus is because they don’t fit tightly and may allow tiny infected droplets to enter your nose, mouth, and eyes. Again if you have the virus on your hand and touch your face under a mask, you are likely to be infected. 

However, if you have a respiratory illness, you can wear these masks to reduce the chance of infecting others. 

So, the next time you want to spread false information about COVID-19, always remember what you learned in this article.

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