Creating a Vision Board to Achieve Your Goals

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Creating a Vision Board to Achieve Your Goals

You have probably seen vision boards of some kind if you have ever used a site like Pinterest. Often, these boards appear to be collages of pictures with a couple of words sprinkled here and there across them. If you have found yourself wondering what their purpose is, you may be surprised to discover that vision boards are not just art projects but are useful tools for examining your path in life.

Vision boards are an opportunity for their creators to construct physical reminders of their dreams and goals for themselves. A vision board represents positive images of the future. It is an object that can be displayed in a prominent place so that its creator is continually reminded of its presence and the ideology behind its creation.

You can easily create your own vision board with materials at home. Don’t have a knack for art? You can still create one of your own. Don’t let the filtered world of Instagram keep you from exploring this opportunity for analyzing your goals!

Don’t Overcomplicate Things

While vision boards are often created from pictures found in magazines or online, you are free to play around with the medium. Your personal board does not have to be filled with trinkets and in line to be displayed at the next art gallery opening.

You can be minimalistic and use patches of paint color to represent moods you would like to have in the future. If you want to incorporate more happiness into your life, you can use bright colors like yellow and orange. If you want to work on controlling your anger and letting other people’s actions affect you less, you can paint in calming blue hues.

Use Materials Around You

Your wallet will thank you for not taking an extra trip to the craft store. Instead, you have plenty of art materials around your house and in your own backyard that can be easily incorporated into your work, even if you don’t immediately recognize them.

Do you want to remind yourself to work less and take more vacations throughout the year? Pour a little glue on your canvas and sprinkle some sand from the yard onto it. Add some blue paint for waves and maybe some cotton balls for clouds. Maybe you want to get in shape and take up jogging again. Tape a few leaves from a tree onto your canvas to remind you how much you would love to spend time running on your favorite park trail again.

Help Your Friends Find Their Vision

Creating vision boards is a great way to spend time with friends, especially in these uncertain times. If you are self-isolating, log onto a social platform like Zoom and encourage a friend to have fun representing their own future from their own home.

Talk about your goals and plans with them. Verbalizing your thoughts to another person increases the likelihood of achieving those dreams. Discussing these goals with a friend can help initiate conversations around your future that you wouldn’t have considered having in the past.

Use your vision board as an opportunity to reexamine your current lifepath, and have fun with it!

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