Incorporating More Water into Your Diet

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Incorporating More Water into Your Diet

As of a few years ago, Americans as a whole were drinking more bottled water than soda according to a study done by Beverage Marketing. While that news is not so good for our landfills, it is great news in terms of health benefits, as staying hydrated is essential to maintain your body’s optimal performance level.

Water makes up over 60% of our body’s composition, so it stands to reason that we would need to frequently replenish this vital liquid. The water in our bodies is used to carry out necessary functions like regulating your internal temperature, lubricating your joints, and getting rid of the body’s waste products through processes like sweating and urination. Without enough water, your body dehydrates and can quickly shut down.

Minor dehydration can cause discomfort in the form of fatigue and dizziness, but more severe dehydration can cause serious complications. Mayo Clinic cites kidney and urinary issues, seizures, and even low blood volume shock (also known as hypovolemic shock) as consequences of low water intake.

If you are more prone to reach for a sugary soda than a glass of water, there are ways that you can incorporate more water into your diet to keep your body running at its peak level.

Don’t Buy Any Sugary Drinks

This concept is simple. If you don’t buy beverages filled with sugar, you will not be tempted to indulge in something besides water. During your next shopping trip, steer clear of the soda aisle, although “sugary drinks” include not just sodas, but even juices, chocolate milk, and sweetened teas. While juices can contain vitamins, you are often better off eating the fresh fruit as juices are often loaded with added sugars.

Without bringing beverages with sugar into your household, you will be left with water as the only option for when you’re thirsty.

Use an App to Log Your Hydration

Download an app to help you keep track of your water intake and to remind you to drink water. The simply named “Water Reminder” app is available on Android and contains tons of great features like on-going reminders throughout the day to encourage you to drink a cup of water.

The idea for any app isn’t to keep you forever glued to your phone screen recording each sip of water you take in a given day. Instead, think of the app as a way to help you develop a habit that becomes second nature. The goal is that you will not even need to use the app in the future, as you habitually replace unhealthy beverages with water.

Keep Water Within Reach

If you are sitting at desk at work all day, it is easy to tell yourself you will get a glass of a water in a few minutes. Inevitably, the phone rings or an e-mail lands in your inbox and before you know it, an hour has passed by, and you are still sitting at your desk. To prevent getting distracted from your water breaks, keep a pitcher of water at your desk so that you can fill your bottle as needed.

Pair Drinking Water with Another Activity

Every time you do a certain activity of your choice, such as going to the restroom or walking to the printer, take a moment to drink some water. After enough times, you will begin to reach for the water more often without having to think about it.

By drinking more water throughout the day, you will begin to notice benefits like feeling full for longer throughout the day, improved skin condition, and even less allergy symptoms.

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