Introducing Yoga into Your Stay-at-Home Routine

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Introducing Yoga into Your Stay-at-Home Routine

Many of us are familiar with the surge in yoga’s popularity over the past decade. People flock to yoga studios with brightly colored mats and matching Spandex pants. While it is easy to think of yoga as being a new trend created in the days of Instagram and vlogging, you may be surprised to learn that yoga has been around for much longer than any influencers – in fact, since 2700 B.C.

For a practice to endure such a long period of time, it clearly has benefits for those who engage in the technique. Respected organizations such as Harvard have touted yoga as a way to reduce feelings of anxiety and depression and to lower the impact of stress responses. Psychology Today suggests yoga can become a “keystone habit” that is not only beneficial in itself but can also help people pick up additional healthy habits.

If you have never tried yoga before, now is a great time to start. Many of us are spending more time at home than we ever desired. Our mental stress may be higher, and with gyms and parks around the country closed, most people are not able to exercise the way they normally would. Introducing yoga into your daily routine can help you feel better both physically and emotionally, and it may even encourage you to seek out other habits to improve your health.

What Do You Need to Start Yoga?

A fancy yoga studio is not necessary, nor is color-coordinated attire. In fact, you can start your first yoga session in your oldest t-shirt and a pair of sweatpants. If you don’t have a yoga mat, you can use a beach towel or even a soft blanket. While there are aids out there, like blocks and straps, you won’t need any for your first session as you’ll want to start off slow. You will want to find a quiet, open space. It can be inside, on a balcony, or a corner of the lawn if you prefer to be outdoors.

How Do You Get Started?

There are plenty of introduction to yoga videos out there. Browse through a few and find an instructor that you feel comfortable with. One of the most popular online yoga instructors is Adriene Mishler. She has dozens of free videos on YouTube at all different levels. Many of her videos are as short as ten minutes, so you can ease into yoga and gradually progress to higher level videos.

You can also use this opportunity to support your local yoga studio. Many studios have gotten creative with their class offerings after being prohibited from operating in-person. You may be able to find an online yoga class that you can join in person when studios open back up to in-person sessions.

Get Your Friends Involved

If you don’t want to try it alone, ask a friend to try it with you. You can share your screen over a platform like Zoom or Facebook Messenger, and you both can watch the video at the same time. Having someone to laugh with and ask questions can help you feel more comfortable trying something new. You can also be accountability partners with each other and encourage one another to practice.

Remember that the mental benefits of yoga are just as important as the physical aspect. Use your yoga time as a way to clear your mind from the stress of the news, work, and home life. Developing a yoga habit a few days a week can help you learn to unwind and find quiet time for yourself in the chaos of the times.

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