Keeping Relationships Healthy During COVID

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Keeping Relationships Healthy During COVID

Chances are that over the last couple of months, you have seen a lot less of some people and a lot more of others. Specifically, you have probably been spending an extra amount of time with your partner or roommates. Due to the limited number of hours of businesses being open, in addition to recreational clubs being put on hold for the indefinite futures, we have all found ourselves stuck inside the home much more than we are typically accustomed.

Adding on the extra component of working from home can be a stressful addition to the mix. While working from home may seem a dream come true for many people, after a few months of this new structure, the change can easily begin to take its toll on our personal lives. Not setting specific boundaries between these two areas, your work and personal lives, can cause extra strain on your relationships.

If you are used to going into the office for work, initially creating this barrier between your home life and work life while working remotely can be tough. Perhaps your partner is constantly interrupting you to ask questions that could wait until after work hours. Maybe your roommate has decided to take up the tuba while quarantining, and this new hobby coincides with your scheduled daily Zoom calls with your boss.

What can you do to prevent these situations from escalating into issues that threaten your relationships with others? Like with many problems, the key is communication. Voice your concerns in a non-accusatory manner. Keep in mind that everyone is in this pandemic situation together, and we are all dealing with the stress and numerous changes in our own ways.

Your tuba-playing roommate may be feeling particularly stressed from having their hours (and thus, their paycheck) reduced. Your partner may be feeling a little stir-crazy after sitting at their desk all day, everyday for the past 60 workdays and may see talking with you as a much-needed break from their daily work routine.

Communicate to them the issues that their actions are causing and present possible solutions. For example, ask your roommate to move their musical sessions to a time when you are not on a Zoom call. Post your meeting times on a shared calendar on the kitchen wall so everyone in the household can be aware of your times.

If you partner is the one that is beginning to grate on your nerves, let them know you appreciate the fact they want to talk but that it is interrupting your concentration. Agree on a time that you two can take a break from work together and go on a walk. This break time will be perfect for catching up on what has happened throughout the day.

Keep in mind that most people’s emotions are running especially high during this time, including your own. Be respectful of other people’s needs and together, you can keep your relationships striving throughout the pandemic.

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