Making Friends as an Adult

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Making Friends as an Adult

When we reflect back on our days in school, many of the memories that come to mind are of the friends we had when we were younger. We think back to the adventures we used to have and how fun it was, surrounded by people our age. For a lot of kids, making friends comes easily, and school is a logical environment to find friends when you are constantly around the same people every day.

As an adult, it can be difficult to find the same opportunities to form friendships in our everyday lives. We are not constantly surrounded by people in our age group. We have obligations like family and errands that take up time after work, and so we may not devote enough time to our social activities.

Companionship, however, is just as important as it was when we were younger. Finding opportunities to make friends as an adult requires a little creativity and ingenuity but having friends to call in moments of need and to simply pass the time with can help us deal with the stresses of adulthood much easier.

Re-Connect with Our Former Friends

Are there friends that you have lost touch with due to changes in your lives? Did one of you get married and veer off in another direction? Maybe one of you moved across the country, and the time zone difference got in the way of communication?

Reach out to those friends that you still have a connection with. They will be pleased to know you are still thinking of them, and chances are, they have also been meaning to connect with you as well. The pandemic has changed long-distance communication for the better, and you have a variety of ways to connect, even across time zones (Zoom, Skype, and Facebook Messenger to name a few).


While meeting up in person these days isn’t always possible, social sites like are getting inventive with their groups. This site, non-COVID circumstances, offers a platform for connecting with people in your area based on similar interests. There are MeetUp groups for virtually every interest you can think of: fishing, writing, hiking, etc.

There are plenty of groups that are non-hobby related and are social groups based on life circumstances. For example, there are groups for people who are recently divorced, parents who stay at home with their children, and people who are experiencing certain medical situations.

Make Time for Friendships

When you do begin to connect with others, remember to make time for your social life. It is easy to prioritize work and chores, but remember that a healthy social life is key to your overall wellbeing. Make plans and stick to them. Your friends will learn that you are someone they can rely on, and you will seek out others that can support you in times of need, as well.

There are many other adults out there who are looking to find friends. Make the time to meet them, and you will be glad you did.

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