Treating Yourself to a Home Spa Day

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Treating Yourself to a Home Spa Day

Some days, it seems the world is in pieces. With the pandemic disrupting so much of our daily lives, many of us dread turning on the news to hear the latest numbers on the virus statistics. Our normal hobbies and entertainment outlets have been placed on hold, and events like football games, theatre productions, and fitness courses are not available to most of us.

Trying to step away from the negativity of the world can be difficult when it seems like there simply isn’t place to go to escape. While you may feel stuck at home, you can use the opportunity to destress and relax. You can get creative and find ways to turn your home into your own “spa retreat” day.

If you live with roommates or a partner, you can also treat them to some “spa” time as well, and make an event of it! Consider planning a weekend together where you all agree to leave the stresses of the work week behind and to concentrate on self-care.

  • Make your own spa water. – With three simple ingredients around the house (water, cucumber, and lemon) you can easily make your own beverage that immediately transports your mind back to the days when you could go to the spa to relax. This recipe explains exactly how to make it.
  • Invest in a sound machine. – It is amazing how sounds can recall memories we forgot we even had. Maybe crickets remind you of camping in the summertime with your family when you were younger. The sound of ocean waves may remind you of a beach trip you took to New England years ago. Even standard “white noise” can help to soothe your mind and nerves. Peruse this list to find a sound machine that will help you remember all of those good times of the past.
  • Utilize different colored lights. – This article discusses a study that demonstrates that blue light has been shown to help calm emotions and decrease agitation. Instilling blue lights in a room of your house can help you feel less stressed. If blue light is not your favorite, consider using lights that mimic sunlight or even simply cheerful string lights in fun shapes. Using dimmer lights like string lights can help you unwind. Also consider lighting scented candles around the home to incorporate some aromatherapy along with your calming lights.
  • Get well– – The World Literacy Foundation states that reading can reduce stress by reducing blood pressure and lowering your heart rate. Create a cozy area of your house to be turned into a reading corner. Throw down some extra fuzzy pillows and a blanket and read those books you’ve had on your shelf for ages. If you don’t have any books around, download the free Kindle app to have instant access to millions of books.

Schedule your home spa days regularly. You may find that you continue to plan these days even when spas re-open. Having a tailored spa schedule in your home is great for your personal wellness as well as your wallet.

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